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During the fund raising process, plenty of documents have to presented and submitted to the investor. At many times entrepreneurs seek additional feedback: Are my materials good? Does my revenue model make sense? Do my P&L or financial forecasts make any sense? Is my market validation substantial enough? etc.

We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to submit specific materials for review by our industry experts. Those will provide you with concrete feedback: What is good, what is bad, and how could it be improved.

  • Market Validation
  • P&L, 3 Year Financial or Revenue Projections
  • Deck (presentation slides)
  • One Pager (Executive Summary)
  • Description of the Team / Product / Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my value proposition engaging?
  • How can I better describe my technological scope and field of operation?
  • Is my business field sexy?
  • How can I improve my professional language (terminology, phrasing, etc.)?
  • Do I stand a chance raising money from investors?
  • Do I stand a chance receiving a grant from the Innovation Authority? How Much?

Cost for review and feedback is $100 per item.

Contact us for a list of our industry-experts.


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