Innovation Authority Grant Application (Chief Scientist)


Receive Startup Funding (Grants) of Millions of Shekels, from the Israeli Innovation Authority (Chief Scientist)

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Startup Funding – Innovation Authority Grant*

Writing applications to the chief scientist is more of an art rather than science. Success will provide your startup annual funding of up to millions of shekels a year.

Unlike regular investors, the government does not take any equity in return.

Additionally, receiving the chief scientist approval increases your startup’s chances of raising funding from additional investors.

We specialize in the entire process of receiving the innovation authority grant. Our end-to-end service includes writing the entire application for you and with you. We provide thorough criticism, improve readability and visibility.

Innovation Authority Grant - Startup Funding Granted

Innovation Authority Grant – Startup Funding Granted

Lastly, we will prepare you for to the meetings with the technological and financial examiners. We’d run simulations until you are ready to say the right things and make the right impression.

Our goal is to make your Startup score among the top 10%. Applications written by our experts, have significantly higher chances of success. This means that your startup’s chance of receiving a grant increases, as well as the amount of money you’ll receive.

Our Experts

Your application will be written by specialists (technologists, market strategists, CFOs) whom raised millions of dollars from the chief scientist. Our experts are deeply familiar with the written and unwritten protocols, and adjusts the application to assure that your startup will be funded with the innovation authority grant.

Contact us in person to learn of our offering and unique added values.

* Success Fee of 5% – 10% Applies


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